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Here you can find the most famous casino games. Casino games have always aroused the curiosity and interest of everyone, including Americans.

To date, there are more than a hundred game bitcoins of portals that offer gaming services and because of this you may have some difficulties in choosing the right site that can fully meet your needs. That’s why we created a separate section with reviews of all the most popular Bitcoin casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms.

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Be sure to visit the reviews section, where you will find a full list of acting gambling sites, their reviews, comparison of bonuses and the gaming environment, as well as learn about the support of the players (support) and all the pros and cons, after which your choice will become more obvious. You will also find out if the selected bitcoin casino is available for playing on mobile devices, as more and more players prefer to play casino games with iOS and Android devices. That is why every self-respecting online casino seeks first of all to add the possibility of playing with phones and tablets to meet the needs of its players and not yield to other brands.

On the page with all the reviews, you can filter brands by some parameters, for example, by the game provider, payment system and the availability of a free sign-up bonus. In our reviews you will also learn about popular alternative crypto-currencies (Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin) and payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, PayPal, etc.) through which you can also refill your account balance.

But, as everyone should know, gambling is prohibited within America. All games, no exceptions! Thus, there are Americans in love with casinos, online games, where there is no prohibition and much less supervision on the players.

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Bitcoin casino video games

Below we detail the 3 most famous casino games that are among the most sought after and most played by everyone, especially by Americans.

Slot Machines with bitcoin casino jackpot

For those who do not know, the games of slot machines are those of the machines where the bettor must activate the lever to then rotate the coils, usually three, and thus to see the resulting combination of images. If all reels show the same image on the payline the player wins. Some images, predetermined, also generate awards in some cases. The amount won will depend on which images appeared on the payline in the center of the screen.

This game, famous for the tumble of falling coins, is pure luck. So it’s no use looking for tutorials on how to win the machine because the most you’ll find are unproven tips to try to take advantage of the technology used in casinos.

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Blackjack or 21, as it is also known, is a very famous casino game in America and around the world.

The player receives two cards at the beginning of the match and then draws more cards until the score reaches 21 or until the dealer exceeds that value. The croupier, for those who do not know, represents the bank or the casino. That is, the bettors always play against the croupier, trying to win him, and never against other players.

To get the best possible hand or blackjack with 21 points, the player must add the score of the cards he has. Below is the list with the values of the cards in play:

  • Ace: the ace is worth 1 point or 11 points, who decides is the player
  • Figures like jack, queen and king: have the value of 10 points each
  • Letters numbered 2 to 10 are worth the number indicated on their face, ie, letter 2 is worth 2 points, letter 5 is worth 5 points, and so on
  • Blackjack is a game in which bettors must count on luck but where there is also the possibility of drawing a strategy, unlike the slot machines mentioned above.