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Do you know how the slot game works? If you have ever visited a casino in your life, the first image that should come to your mind should be that of the big machines scattered around the corridors. These are slot machines or, as they are also known, slot machines – and now there is already an online version of them.

This is good news for players who like to bet their luck on them. But if you’ve never been to a casino and do not really know how well these machines work, learn more about them below.

What is a video slot?

Video slot, as we said earlier, is a modern and online version of traditional and fascinating casino machines.

Even if you’ve never been to a casino, you should remember some movie that shows a character in one of the famous casinos in Las Vegas, pulling the crank of a large machine, reminiscent of a arcade, trying to get the exact combination of the figures that are on the screen.

Well, there is now a way to have fun at home, as if you were in a casino, having the same possibility of gain that such physical machines offer. Because the costs of maintaining an online casino are less than a physical one, some of these virtual slots pay even more than a physical machine.
In physical machines what can increase your chances of winning is the number of coins you insert in them. In the video slot, what defines this is how much you bet each round.

Bitcoin casino profit: Small and big winnings

When the bettor manages to row from the left to the right the same symbols, he makes a jackpot, which can be a big jackpot or a small jackpot, and wins the bet.

What defines the value of the prize is how much the player bet and also the way of combining the symbols, the line where the symbols were combined, among other things that may depend on each type of video slot and the accumulated of the round. Remembering that video slots can be highly customizable by the online casino administrator in question, unlike physical machines.

The value of the betting prize is always progressive; that means you can hardly start making good money. The amount goes up as the number of bets goes up. The greater the number of attempts, the more the prize accumulates.

Bitcoin casino minecraft and different slot games

There are slots with possibility of multiple lines of combinations – this is what will define the value of the prize. Video slots with multiple lines of combinations, in addition to bringing greater chances of gain, are also more fun but the cost of the bet is greater.

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It is common to find slot machines online that reward with a single combination of symbols in a single line, passing through those that reward in 5 distinct lines and others that accept numerous combinations.

Video slots can be individual, networked or multi-site.

Individuals only accumulate their jackpot and hence their prize, if you win, tends to be smaller.

The network slots, in turn, accumulate the jackpot of all those connected to that specific network, that is, it has the bet and the prize of more than one computer (which in this case works like the gaming machine).

And finally, multi locals, which are connected by the same provider, but do not always belong to the same casino, but accumulate the jackpot in network. Theoretically, this would be the one that best pays and where the prize accumulates more quickly, since it is composed of different casinos and, as a consequence, the number of bettors tends to be greater.